OPERA 3GS Miniature audio / video recording module

Miniature audio / video recording module.
Audio / video streaming in real time.
3G / UMTS.
Built-in microphone
Memory capacity up to 32 GB.

More details

OPERA 3GS miniature audio / video recording module with 3G / UMTS retransmission.
Records transferred to Police / Gendarmerie computers via the 3G / 4G mobile network

Integrated 3G / UMTS modem
Real-time audio / video retransmission
Very fast transfer rate: 15 to 30 minutes required to transfer a 24-hour audio recording
Undetectable by RF scanners
Highly sensitive built-in microphone for recording up to 10m
Activation of recording by voice or programmers
Very low consumption allowing several days of autonomy in recording and retransmission
Supports all international 2G / GSM and 3G / UMTS tapes
Aluminum case of dimension 45x33x17 mm
Memory capacity up to 32GB
Available accessories:
OVCAM external camera module (sensitivity 0.02 lux, F 2.8 mm, cable 80 cm, dim 18x20x6 mm)
External microphone FG-W (Knowless series, 2.4 mm diameter, 1 meter Kevlar cable

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