UW-3200 Waterproof 316 Stainless Steel Camera

Professional UW-3200 underwater camera 50m.
Machined 316L stainless steel
Excellent resistance to corrosion at sea or aggressive agents such as cutting oils, hydrocarbons, chlorine.
For video surveillance applications on boats, or submerged.
LED lighting powerful, deactivatable.
Maximum range 10 meters.

More details

Mini camera AISI316 stainless steel immersion 50m.

Excellent resolution 960H - 700LTV
UW-3200: White lighting up to 10m - viewing angle 90 °
UW-3200W: Wide angle 170 ° - without illumination
50m immersion
Lighting by 15 powerful white leds
Extreme sensitivity 0.001LuxFeed 9 ~ 12VDC
Diameter 39mm head; 45mm base, excluding fixation
High quality machined 316L stainless steel body
Cable outlet optional: standard, cable gland, connector
Weight 600g

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