E-GAB GPS / Audio / Bluetooth Card

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E-GAB card, Ultra-thin voice recorder disguised as a credit card. Bluetooth transmitter, direct audio transmission to smartphone or BT / 4G relay. GPS receiver activated by a high precision motion sensor. E-GAB Audio NFC and can be used as a normal access card.

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The E-GAB card is an ultra-thin voice taster that is tasted in a credit card offering exceptional quality (48 kHz and 24-bit audio recording).
The Bluetooth transmitter allows streaming live audio to a smartphone or BT / 4G relay.
The device is equipped with a GPS receiver.
The GPS recorder is activated by a high precision motion sensor.
In addition to the GPS module, E-GAB Audio has an NFC tag and can be used as an ordinary key card.
The recorder can be remotely controlled, GPS record.
For stealth operations to work properly via Bluetooth, the GPS signal is available or on a schedule. Data can also be requested by sending a Bluetooth command.

Audio recorder
GPS receiver
Bluetooth transmitter
Motion sensor
Storage: 16 GB
Consumption rate in REC mode: 2 mA
GPS: 3mA
BT download speed: 300 kb / s
USB transfer speed: 1 Mb / s

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