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E-VMA audio recorder. Reliable solution for secret remote reception of audio recordings. Mini voice recorder transmitter. Radio receiver for total control of the recorder. The data transmission time can be programmed.

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The E-VMA recorder provides a reliable solution for secret remote reception of audio recordings.
The system includes a miniature voice recorder and a radio receiver that allows full control of the recorder.
The registration process can be activated according to schedules, VOX or via a radio control.
By default, the radio module of the transmitter operates only in reception mode - the data transfer starts on the order of the receiver. This allows extended operation of the device and protects the transmitter from radio-scanning discovery. The data transmission time can also be programmed.

The E-VMA transmitter can operate in five different modes :

• Live audio streaming
• Live audio streaming with simultaneous recording on the transmitter
• Audio recording only, no RF activity
• Audio file transmission
• Standb

The receiver features an LCD screen, which provides a clear interface for controlling the E-VMA system. The operator can request information on the status of all transmitters in the coverage area and select any of them to download records or start the live stream.
The receiver is equipped with an audio output for connecting headphones for listening to the recordings right from the receiver. In addition, transmitter settings can be remotely changed from the receiver.
The downloaded audio files are stored on the micro SD card.

AES-256 encryption
Time stamp
Live Stream for real-time audio streaming
Simultaneous recording and streaming
Remote control
VOX-activated or scheduled recording
Programmable file transmission
44 kHz, 16-bit audio
MicroSD memory up to 128 GB
Two high sensitivity microphones for stereo audio
External RF antenna
Upload speed up to 1 Mb/s
Dimensions: 33 x 20 x 5 mm

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