E-CRS1 Enregistreur Mini

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E-CRS1 is a small concealable audio recording device. Bluetooth transmitter.
Remote file upload RF activation
remotely. AES-256 bit encryption. Activation by a radio control, by VOX or by movement. Detected.

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The small recorder can be easily hidden absolutely anywhere
(mounted inside a wall or enclosed in a pen, placed in a car or sewn into a garment
Despite its small size, the camera offers crystal-clear audio recordings with a sampling rate of 48 kHz and 24-bit

E-CRS1 is equipped with a motion sensor and a Bluetooth transmitter.
The recording can be activated by a radio control, by VOX or by motion.
Operation according to the schedule is also configurable.

24 bits, 44Khz
voice activation, time
Remote file upload
remote RF activation
Proprietary file system
256-bit AES encryption
PCB dimensions: 28 x 6 x 2 mm
Storage: 512 MB
Consumption rate in REC mode: 2 mA
BT download speed: 300 kb / s
USB transfer rate: 1 Mb / s

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