G-Track Enregistreur Miniature

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G-Track miniature recorder
The GPS recorder is equipped with a motion sensor.
Accurate and reliable with Bluetooth data transmission.
GPS and BT jamming detection.
Transmission of configurable data.
Extremely low energy consumption.

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Besides its small size and extremely low power consumption its distinct features are accurate and reliable GPS positioning and Bluetooth data transmission.

G-Track can be easily concealed in 27mm wall, garment, car and much more.
it can be concealed in a shirt glue, jewelry or electronics.

The GPS recorder is equipped with a motion sensor, a physical sensor
button and GPS and internal BT antennas.
To obtain maximum performance, the user can opt for an external solution antenna BT MAC generated randomly.

GPS standard LOGS: KML, JSON (configurable)
GPS and BT jamming detection
BT hidden - anti-detection mode
The data collected over a period of 7 days (assuming 7 hours of travel per day) is transferred in just 8 seconds - 50 m from LOS
Directional search mode for positioning up to 0.5 m
Transmission of configurable data at specific time, geo-fence or manually initiated times.

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