BODY-60 Portable Pedestrian Camera

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The Body 60 Full HD 1080P pedestrian camera. Compact camera attached to a control unit. Store up to 16 hours of video. Allows a wide variety of fastening options. Custom designed for public safety professionals. the Body 60 is robust and very responsive. Capture evidence in high definition, preview and wireless data transfer.

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Attached camera unit
The Body 60 consists of a control unit attached to a compact camera that can be mounted securely on a harness or helmet. Filming in dynamic environments where public safety officers work daily

Sony high sensitivity image sensor
The Body 60 is equipped with a Sony sensor to capture high resolution images even in low lightconditions.The imagesare very detailed, with a low noise level and an excellent balance between light and dark areas.

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity
Designed to work with Transcend's Body App, the Body 60 Pro Pro supports both Bluetooth for basic setup and switching modes, and Wi-Fi connectivity for streaming live video. on mobile devices on iOS and Android.

Long life battery
The Body 60 comes with a high capacity Li-Polymer battery, allowing up to 10 hours of recording on a single charge. Enables police and other security professionals to register for the entire time. The battery life may vary depending on environmental conditions and operating parameters.

GPS / GLONASS receiver
The Body 60 has a built-in GPS / GLONASS receiver for geotagging videos and images.
With the exclusive Body Toolbox software, users can view their route on a map screen during video playback.

Robust and durable design
The Body 60 is designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, making it ideal for outdoor recording. It complies with the IP67 standard, offering complete protection against dust and water. It also meets the stringent US military standards for impact resistance.

Attached camera unit (mounted securely on a harness or helmet).
Sony high sensitivity image sensor
WIFI connection
Output: DC 5V / 2A
Resolution: Full HD 1080P
Frame rate: 30 fps
Video Format: MP4 (H.264)
Bluetooth for basic configuration
High capacity Li-Polymer battery
Built-in GPS / GLONASS receiver
USB Type: 3.5mm Plug to USB Type A
Connection interface: USB 2.0
Capacity: 64GB internal memory
130 ° viewing angle (diagonal)
Opening F / 2.8
Battery life (fully charged): 10 hour (s)
Power Supply (Max.): Input: AC 100V-240V, 50-60Hz, 0.4A
Operating Temperature -20 ° C (-4 ° F) ~ 65 ° C (149 ° F)
Storage temperature -25 ° C (-13 ° F) ~ 70 ° C (158 ° F)
Dimensions (Max): 95.9mm x 52.2mm x 24.9mm (3.78 "x 2.06" x 0.98 ")
Camera Dimensions (Max.): 61.3mm x 22mm x 22mm (2.41 "x 0.87" x 0.87 ")
Weight (Max.): 167 g
IP6 compliant
Certified: CE / PCC / BSMI / NCC / MIC

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