Body2311 - Body Camera for Law Enforcement

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COMPLIES WITH THE LAW OF AUGUST 3, 2018. Pedestrian camera selected by the Ministry of the Interior for the National Police and the Gendarmerie. Since February 28, 2019 the decree authorizes the Municipal Police to equip pedestrian cameras. This personal protection camera is also used for screening officers on public transport and for firefighters.

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Individual camera for the Police and the National Gendarmerie according to the decree.
This camera has been specially adapted to French legislation.

8-hour battery life
Timestamp: Records the date and time as soon as the recording is saved.
GPS included: Accurate location of the places where the data was collected.
Secure internal memory: 32GB Full HD.
Secure recordings: Password required to access the menu, images and videos, ensuring the confidentiality of the recordings before they are transferred to a secure computer.
Automatic transfer of the recordings: directly from the USB cable, onto a secure computer station or on the secure docking station.
Indicator light: Indicating camera mode (recording, pause...)
"Silent" mode button to turn off the lights and lock keys whilst recording. (PTT button).
4-hour battery life whilst recording with the posibility to change the batteries with a 3 minute interruption for a total of 8 consecutive hours.
Integrated GPS localisation.
Night mode with infrared lighting (Option 940 nm)
Wide viewing angle of 127 °
Compact, lightweight (127 grams)
Optional pre-recording and post-recording modes, adjustable up to 60 seconds.
Ability to take pictures during video recording.
2-year warranty

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