ODYS Keyboard PELCO built-in console

ODYS Keyboard - Built-in console with 3-axis joystick
For RS485 motorized cameras
Compact, built-in, robust
Suitable for embedded applications

More details

The ODYS Keyboard is particularly designed for boat-based applications, but also for vehicles and industrial systems.
The 3-axis joystick allows, with one hand, to control the horizontal, vertical rotation of a camera, but also its zoom in a simple gesture, with excellent precision.
This built-in console offers a perfect finish, without any apparent wire and above all, splash-proof and dust-proof.

3-axis precision progressive joystick
RS485 communication PELCO-D / P
Colorimetric management of ALLWAN thermal imaging cameras
Camera addresses from 1 to 255
12VDC power supply


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