UMC-R10C - Industrial Digital Camera

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UMC-R10C Camera 20.1MP 1080p B2B camera with E-mount compatibility
APS-C size Exmor ™ CMOS image sensor and BIONZ X ™ processor. High precision images of 20.1 MP for various industrial applications. Provides a platform for the use of interchangeable E-mount lens options. Provides maximum flexibility of lens solutions for multiple applications.

More details

The UMC-R10C is only available for selected applications and projects.* Icon resolution, optical zoom, digital zoom, compact size, image stabilization, external sync, interface, power consumption, minimum illumination, recording mode.

Exmor CMOS sensor type APS-C
Resolution 20.4 MP
1080p video format
Speed ​​60
Micro SD memory card
E mount lens
Live view XGA
Width 74
Height 69
Depth 52
Weight 158 ​​g
USB interface
Power consumption 2.2 W
Image stabilization
Battery inside

Further information
E mount lens
Image Sensor (Do not touch directly with your hands)
Contact lens (Do not touch directly with your hands)
SD memory card (sold separately) can be connected to record your videos
Use the position of this line to measure the distance between the camera and the objects correctly.
Access lamp flashes during read / write on the SD memory card.
POWER indicator (green) (Lights up in green when the camera is operating normally)
Lens release button (To remove the lens, rotate it by pressing the button
k 12 V! (DC power input) terminal (Connects to 12V DC power)
To turn off the camera, check it via the I / O, terminal or multi / micro USB interface.
I / O terminal (Can control the external camera)
HDMI connector (type D)
Connect a commercial HDMI cable
Multi / Micro USB
You can connect devices that support micro USB technology
standards at this terminal to control the camera from external devices

Do not wire the routed cable outside when qa, qd is connected.
To wire inside, the cable must be less than 30 m for qa, qd.
The cable must be less than 3 m for qf.
When connected to qd, qf, it is recommended to secure the cable to prevent disconnection of the camera due to its weight or external force.

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