UW-3700HDIP Stainless Steel IP Camera OnVif FULL-HD

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Professional marine IP OnVif 316 stainless steel camera. This camera offers excellent resistance to corrosion at sea or aggressive agents such as cutting oils, hydrocarbons ...
Suitable for video surveillance applications on boats, coastline, industry, factories. Has powerful LED lighting, deactivatable, maximum range 25m.

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Mini AISI316 stainless steel camera ideal for installations in saline environment, on boats, on littoral, offshore platforms (non atex), industry, factories, agro.

FULL-HD resolution via OnVif IP network cable.
Totally waterproof
Possible recording of AVI files directly in the memory (micro SD slot)
Lighting with 2 powerful IR LEDs max range 25m
Extreme sensitivity 0.01Lux
12VDC power supply
High quality machined 316 stainless steel body
Weight 920gr

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