BR16AIO Brouilleur 4G 5G 5Hhz GPS RC WiFi UHF 30m

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16 Antennas / Bands 16.0W
Temperature Lower than 40C 
Battery 1600mAH, Works 3.0 Hours 
Battery can turn ON and charging at same time

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Eur (Europe) 5G + 5GHZ
758-830MHz: 1.0W 5G, 4G LTE Low
920-965MHz: 1.0W GSM900
1800-1920MHz: 1.0W DCS
2100-2170MHz: 1.0W 3G, UMTS
2400-2500MHz: 1.0W WiFi 11.b & g
2570-2690MHz:1.0W 4G LTE High
1450-1620MHz 1.0W 5G+ GPS L1 +Glonass L1 Tracking
164-173MHz 1.0W Lojack 164MHz Car Tracking
315MHz 1.0W RC315 Remote Controls
433MHz 1.0W RC433/434 Remote Controls
868MHz 1.0W RC868 Remote Controls
5.1-.5.9GHz 1.0W RC 5Ghz WiFi 11.a
1170-1280MHz 1.0W GPS L2 + L5+ Glonass L2 Tracking
5G 3400-3600MHz 1.0W 5G LTE
5G 3600-3800MHz 1.0W 5G LTE
400-480MHz 1.0W UHF Spy Devices
Total: 16.0W

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