TG-101A6 6-Band Mobile Phone Wifi Jammer

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24/7 cooling system.
More efficient scrambling with 15 Watt output. Separate and simultaneous control of the frequency channels. Frequency bands (up to 7 bands). Scrambler signals on a range of 30 meters. Use on the entire frequency system of the global network.

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TG-101A6 is a 4G 3G 2G desktop mobile phone jammer, set Wifi cell phone jammer, 4G mobile phone GPS jammer. It can be used for all the global network frequency system.
 This is the best choice for meeting room and test applications.

It can provide 24/7/365 blocking even in a constant cooling system.
Adjustable output power design makes the jammer more user-friendly.
Each frequency channel can be controlled separately and simultaneously.
Totally with a high power output of 15 Watt, makes jamming more efficient.
The shielding range can be up to 30M.
Frequency bands up to 7 bands, including all 4G 3G 2G cell phone tapes, with optional GPS or Bluetooth.

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