SM800P4 SB-STARVIS 30X Integrated Camera Baby Seat

Baby Seat - PTZ Motorized Camera
Day / Night Camera (Ultra Low Light)
Powerful zoom
Front and rear vision, 360 ° rotation
Optical zoom 30 X

More details

Baby seat with PTZ SB-STARVIS 30X motorized camera.
Integration of a compact StarVIS Day / Night (Ultra Low Light) Telescopcam PTZ camera in a miniature housing with powerful power zoom and ultra miniaturized motorized azimuth device.
System usable in a wide range of observation missions.
Installation done simply in a few minutes.
Very simple and quick camera adjustment thanks to a control console with visual display located in the trunk of the vehicle.
Set remote control via a transmission Wifi or 3G / 4G.

Front and rear vision, continuous 360 ° rotation
Optical zoom 30 X
SONY 1 / 2.8-2MP sensor type Exmor CMOS
Dual scan 512x WDR
High resolution 2 megapixel 1080P
DC power supply 11 ~ 15 V DC
PELCO-D Protocol
2-year warranty

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