Rapidly deployable wireless PTZ tactical Camera

Rapidly deployable tactical wireless camera for Law Enforcement.
Can be deployed in a few minutes over a large area to surveillance, monitor demonstrations, concerts, rallies, rescue operations, hostage taking ...
Day / night vision CMOS Full / Zoom 36x or 50x. Secure Wi-Fi / 4G module transmission.

More details

This tactical camera is made for police units and the army for crisis management with 4G / WiFi transmission in real time at the command post.
This camera was designed as a real "Swiss army knife". It will adapt to all the conditions of tactical poses. It is even possible to connect it to a candelabra in order to obtain a source of energy at night. So it will work 24/24 7/7 thanks to its battery pack that will take over.
It is also possible to power it directly with an energy case for longer missions.
Easy to install and set-up, this camera allows you to easily monitor your sites with very little installation. Possibility to combine other autonomous mini cameras on this 4G transmitter.
Thanks to its ultra sensitive sensor, this camera can view high quality scenes in the darkest environments. Discreet, it can easily be concealed.
Its removable rechargeable lithium battery system has a 12-hour battery life for recording and transmission. It is possible to accumulate several battery packs.
It incorporates a 128 GB memory card.
This camera is designed for extreme and corrosive environments.
It supports the most difficult weather conditions (IP66).

Long distance vision 20 ~ 500 meters with a 205mm or 330mm HD lens
1080p 2MP resolution.
Optional 330mm optic.
The transmission is fully secure with a VPN
Authentication for remote control.
Ultra sensitive sensor
Removable rechargeable lithium battery
8-way socket allows the camera to be connected to a 9-32V PoE LAN.
128GB memory card
For extreme and corrosive environments IP66

Removable modules:
WiFi / 4G LTE
Battery 14.8V 12 Ah
Base for charging and fixing and LAN connection
NAS 500 GB
Magnetic and / or screw fixing clamps
Charger / Power Supply 17V 5A

Several sensors (PIR, Seismic ...) can associate with the camera for an intrusion detection to directly direct the camera to a preset thanks to our 433Mhz transmission kit (optional).
A tactical receiving suitcase can be installed in a command vehicle and allows for remote control in minutes.

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