AXIS F1015 Sensor Variable focal length lens and HDTV resolution for very discreet indoor surveillance

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Vari-focal lens and 1080p HDTV resolution for very discreet indoor surveillance. Horizontal field of vision from 52º to 97 °. Support for wide dynamic range, forensic capture, with an AXIS F41 / F44 main unit.

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Discreet installation

AXIS F1015 Sensor Unit, together with the AXIS F main unit, is ideal for use with the most discreet indoor monitoring applications. The sensor can be installed in tight spaces or recessed into a wall or ceiling, while the main unit can be placed further away where there is room.

The AXIS F1015 includes a 1080p (1920 x 1080 pixels) image sensor and varifocal lens that provides a horizontal field of view between 52 ° and 97 °. A varifocal lens gives the user the flexibility to adjust the field of view to suit the application. In tele mode, more precise details can be captured in a narrower field of view. Wide-angle mode covers multiple scenes.

The AXIS F1015 also supports Extended Dynamic Range and Forensic Capture, which can be enabled when the sensor is connected to the main unit that supports this feature. The Extended Dynamic Range and Forensic Capture feature enables a high level of detail visible in both dark and light areas of the scene.

The AXIS F1015 sensor is supplied with a removable 3 or 12 m (10 or 39 ft) cable for connection to an AXIS F main unit. An AXIS F8201 Vari-angle Mounting Bracket is provided to allow the sensor to be fixed and tilted in any position.

Model: F1015
Type: sensor
Model: modular camera system
Area of ​​application: Monitoring of interior spaces
Wifi: no
Focal length: 3 - 6 mm
Optical zoom: 2x

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