MULTI-HDVR- Multi-input FULL HD recorder

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FULL HD 1080p 60fps video recorder.
The most complete device on the market.
Video inputs VGA, DVI, HD / 3G-SDI, YPbPr, HDMI. YPbPr component cameras, or analog BNC. Storage on SD card, external USB disk, USB key and internal Sata disk. Video recorder for laboratories, industry, compatible medical environment.

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Discover the MULTI-HDVR, the video recorder that has all the existing video inputs, the most complete and versatile device on the market.
Ideal for laboratory, industry and medical applications, this device will connect HDMI, VGA, DVI microscopes as well as HD-SDI or 3G-SDI cameras, YPbPr component cameras, or analog BNC cameras.

Storage on SD card
External USB disk, USB key and internal Sata disk.
RTSP stream via LAN network connection
MOV files, readable without proprietary software interface.
Simple to use, intuitive, ideal for applications in laboratories, industry.
Medical compatible video recorder
Optionally, the pedal for the foot, allows to start recording video or photo with the hands free.

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