UW-910DB30X Ultra Low Light Analogue Day / N Camera

High resolution camera
Waterproof IP68, analogue
Day / Night Vision, Black and White
zoom 30X
Flip inversion controls

More details

Ultra Low Light Day / Night Analog Camera, Black and White, High Resolution
Compact camera made for use in extreme conditions.

Hardened and waterproof IP68
Zoom 30X
Allows you to view a target or license plate over 300 meters without lighting, thanks to its very high sensitivity to light and its spectral response in the infrared
Sensitivity 0.0000025lux @ F1.4
"Back light" compensation function to avoid glare from headlights or any other light source
Backlight compensation function (WDR)
Function correction of the white levels on 64 points
Zoom and focus adjustment by a joystick (option) or Pelco-D camera OSD menu
Flip and mirror inversion controls through presets.

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