ARGUS SC Thermal Security Camera

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Thermal security camera. Fully automatic or semi-automatic operation mode. Recording and storage of 100 images.
Digital zoom x2 and x4. Autonomy about 4h.

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Thermal imager security camera Argus SC AVON Protection
Specifically designed to help police forces and security personnel detect thermal signatures required in professional search operations
Can be used in total darkness or daylight, through thick smoke, making it indispensable in many contexts
Very high sensitivity, detection of temperature variations below 50 mK
Robust, ruggedized IP67 camera, able to withstand extreme environments, one-piece, ergonomic and easy to use

Most advanced features in thermal imaging
Fully automatic or semi-automatic mode of operation
Uncooled amorphous silicon (ASi) microbolometer detector 320 x 240 pixels
Void Finder Technology ™ Technology
Image Compare Technology ™ Technology
Record and store 100 images with the ability to process them from a raw data file
Adjusting the brightness of the LCD monitor (3.5 '' 90 mm)
Digital zoom x2 and x4
Measuring the temperature of the target area, range from -40 ° C to + 200 ° C
Choice of color palettes and scene display modes
Customizable home screen
Lens with germanium window
Focal length 19 mm (P7225 series)
Focal distance from 1 m to infinity, optimal at 4 m
F / 1.3 Focal Aperture (P7225 Series)
25 ° horizontal field of view (P7225 series)
Dimensions 130 x 185 x 185 mm
Weight approx. 1.6 kg with battery
Autonomy around 4h
2 years warranty

Accessories included
Soft carrying case
Two rechargeable batteries
Battery charger with AC outlet
shoulder strap
USB cable for connecting a PC or laptop.

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