Full HD video converter 1080p / HD / Tvi / Cvi / Ahd to Cvbs / Vga / HDMI

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HD video converter Full HD 1080p video
Transfer TVI / AHD / CVI to HDMI / VGA / CVBS output. Converts the regular signal from the AHD camera into an HDTV signal, via the HDMI interface connected to the TV or digital screen. AHD signal capacity up to 500 meters. High definition, low cost, long distance, anti-interference, easy to use.

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This HD video converter can transfer TVI / AHD / CVI to HDMI / VGA / CVBS output by digital processing, which will promote the picture quality, TVI / AHD / CVI signal and CVBS + HDMI output up to 1080p therefore the image will be clearer and stable.
Can convert the regular signal from the AHD camera into HDTV signal, via HDMI interface connected to the LCD HD digital TV screen, or TVI / AHD / CVI camera access matrix switch HDMI / VGA / CVBS instruments security devices .The TVI / AHD / CVI converter is simple and easy to use, just like traditional equipment.
Use with a similar 75-3 ordinary coaxial cable, you can reach 500 meters with lossless HD quality transmission.
Highlights for TVI / AHD / CVI compared to other video interfaces: high definition, low cost, long distance, fast, anti-interference, easy to use.

Signal: TVI / AHD / CVI to HDTV / HDMI up to 1080p
Output format: HDMI: 720P @ 50 / 60Hz, 1080P @ 50 / 60Hz
HDMI input compatible with several DVI formats: 800X600,1024X768,1280X1024,1360X768, 1680X1050, 1920X1080 @ 50_60Hz ect.
default signal output of the converter: HDMI / VGA, it can be switched to VGA / BNC by pressing the button.
Video Input System: NTSC / PAL (Automatic and Adaptive Detection)
VGA signal and BNC: can be connected to the converter at the same time
Output signal: can be switched by DIP switch
Compatible with: HDCP, HDMI1.4
Analog signal input interface: HD AHD
Digital signal: HD HDMI (720P @ 60Hz / 1080p @ 60 hz) output interface.
Power adapter: 5-12V DC interface
Support the signal: AHD 500 m
Support for version: HDMI1.4 and compatible below
Support for output: audio and picture synchronously
Supports output: video, no loss of signal, polarized screen and screen shake
Black color
Material: aluminum alloy

Accessories included
X1 converter
AC adapter x1
Plug type: American plug
The allowed measurement error is +/- 1-3 cm.

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