EVARIALED IR illuminator with variable angle control

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The new generation of IR illuminator.
The angle of illumination can be set either manually of through RS485 serial link in PELCO-D.
140-350m (40° to 10°).

More details

The EVARIALED is the latest generation of IR LED illuminators which offers the possibility to set the angle of illumination either by buttons on the rear or using a RS-485 PELCO-D link.

You can not only set the angle, but also the intensity of leds, the automatic level of power ON (under 150/60/30 Lux)and also force the LEDS to ON or OFF.

When using the simultaneous linkage control function of the angle of the lamp and the zoom camera, you
should connect the RS-485 connection wire of the lamp to the RS-485 port of the zoom camera according to the instructions and the identification on the control wire.

Especially designed for all-weather conditions, the EVARIALED is waterproof IP68 and works from -40 to +55°C.


Technical specifications:

Wavelength: 850nm
Power consumption: 90W
Angle: set from 10 to 40° (40 to 80° on special request)
IR illumination distance (depends of quality of the camera): 140-350m
Beam: Round
Auto ON/OFF : By built-in light sensor
Manual ON/OFF : Remote control, buttons
Power supply: 24VDC or 24VAC, +/-10%
Working temperature: -40°C to +55°C
Weight: 2.65Kg
Ingress protection: IP68, IK10

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