GEM-CARD RF - Card Recorder Format with Digital Live Transmission and Simultaneous Recording

GEM-CARD RF - Card Format Recorder
Internal transmitter 10 mW
Works with the DS5 receiver
Thickness reduced by 1.3 mm
Several activation modes
Remote ON / OFF
FOB key, bidirectional communication
VOX activation, weekly calendar or calendar of events. Recording with internal battery, up to 60h.

More details

GEM-CARD RF is a Pro RF recording and transmission. Together hidden in a device in the form of a card.
Several modes of activation on a specific point of the map.
Recording continuously at 8Khz with a load. The recording quality is 44Khz.

Main Features
Battery Power: Built-in Li-pol
Battery operation: (recording mode) 16 to 60 hours (16 hours at 44kHz, 60 hours at 8kHz)
Battery operation: (DS5 transmission) 4 hours
Battery life: 50 days
Battery being charged: 2 hours using a dedicated player
Activation modes: RF remote control, capacitive touch (FOB), Time programmer,
Enabling disconnection of the player.
Programming the recorder: Calendar of Events or Calendar of Weekly
Memory capacity: 16 GB (up to 240 hours of audio recording)
Data connection interface: USB 2.0
Audio input: MEMS microphone, 24-bit ADPCM
Storage format: ADPCM 4-bit uncompressed, ulaw
Voice activated recording: Yes
Data Encryption: 128-bit AES Encryption
Digital Signature: Signature SHA-256
Timestamp: Precision timeline stored with each recorder
Data storage medium: Integrated micro SD card
Exporting recordings: WAV format
Dimensions of the credit card: 1.3 mm

RF data characteristics
Frequency band: 860-880MHz (can be set very close to the GSM band)
 Type of modulation: FHSS
Compression type: LPC
Audio format: 8kHz or 16kHz
RF output power: 10mW
Range: 150 meters (more than 400 meters, outdoors)
Wireless functions: Remote control ON / OFF

Features of the remote control
Frequency band: 860-880MHz
RF output power: 1mW
 Power supply: type 23A
Type of communication: 2 ways with confirmation of the return of the card
Feedback type: Dual LED indication and built-in vibration alert
Dimensions: 29 x 62 x 9 mm

Battery running time in wireless audio streaming mode (in hours):
8kHz transmitting only: 4h
Transmission and recording at 8 kHz: 3.5h
16kHz transmitting only: 4h
Trafficking and recording 16 kHz: 2.8hh.

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