Top box top case motorcycle hidden camera PTZ


Covert video system inside motorcycle box. Top Case - 4 cameras - 360
Pinhole cameras Horizontal field of view 71.4 °. Integrated cameras on each side. Simple to use in all urban environments. Fully autonomous with 40 Ah lithium battery. Adaptable mounting bracket.

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Top Case with 4 TP-232SKPC cameras.
Pinhole cameras with a 71.4 ° horizantal field of view and fixed cameras integrated on each side of the lower part allowing discreet perimeter observation.
Easy to use in all urban environments.
Fully autonomous thanks to its 40 Ah lithium battery and its transmission, WiFi, 3G / 4G.
1TB hard drive for recording the video stream.
Mounting bracket that adapts to all types of two wheels, scooters, motorcycles, etc ...
Video interface that adapts to all types of media, computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.

Pinhole Cameras
Horizontal field of view 71.4°
Fixed cameras integrated on each side:
Perimeter observation in all discretion
40 Ah lithium battery
WiFi, 3G / 4G Transmission
1TB hard drive
Mounting bracket
Video interface
2-year warranty

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