4GMVRTC300 Tactical Surveillance Case

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Tactical watch case
1-way video, 4G, high resolution Wifi
Hybrid analogue HD and digital IP
9 "color LCD monitor
Local 1TB hard drive removable USB3 recording.
Remote control via PC, Android or iPhone ...

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Tactical watch case
4G High Resolution 4G WiFi Video
Hybrid analogue HD and digital IP
Compatible with all 3G + and 4G phone operators
Frequency range WiFi: 2312-2497 Mhz Power 100 mW
9 "color LCD monitor
Setting via an Internet browser
1TB removable hard disk local storage
H.264 recording format
Resolution 30fps 720X 576, option: 60fps @ 1920 x 1080 HD / SD-SDI
Option 4-way video 1 audio
Connector XLR3 power, video + telemetry XLR5
Lectern & XLR5 Inputs
I / O management for perimeter detections, door openings (box ...)
Waterproof Ethernet connection for connection to an Internet box or IP camera
Remote control via PC, Android or iPhone ...
Tester and battery protection in DC and discharge
Alert distance by email and SMS
Use between -10 ° ~ 55 °
Small footprint, IP67 waterproof
12 V DC power supply
Dimensions: 27 X 25 X 12 cm
Weight 2.05 Kg

Optional: wide variety of wireless detectors.

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