VCA-CASE 4G Tactical Video Analysis and Transmission Tactical Suitcase

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Network video surveillance technology can be used in law enforcement and military applications to provide higher quality video monitoring to strengthen the security of a nation. VCA-CASE enables simultaneous monitoring and video recording of multiple surveillance cameras in sensitive military areas to enahance national borders patrol, prevent illegal refugee, monitor ammunition depot, etc

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Nomadic tactical case HD 1080P IP66 IP67
4G Wifi VCA
Motion detection
Native intelligent video analysis

Native video analysis with metadata. Compatible with all VMS
the most popular (Genetec, Milestone ...), NVR and PSIM servers.
VCA (analytical video analysis solution) + VMD (motion detection), crossing, intelligent tracking, colorfilters ...
4-way HD IP @ 1080p
Setting up rules via Chrome web browsers on Windows,
Linux, Mac, iOS *, Android.
Alerts via VMS, Email or HTTP
Professional Router 3G / 4G Wifi + Geolocation GPS Suitcase on
dedicated platform. 1080P Full HD video server
Compatible with all 3G + and 4G phone operators
LED LCD Monitor 720P Color HD
1TB removable hard disk local storage (HDD or SSD)
Inputs: 1 RJ45 WAN for ADSL / Fiber 4 RJ45 LAN connection
1 XLR3 Power Supply (1+; 2-)
PoE Switch + IEE 802.3AT (option), 1 USB3 port, Wireless mouse
IP Multibrand Compatibility and ONVIF V2
Motion Detection, Image Analysis: Crossing, Objects
forgotten or lost ... alerts via VMS, Email or HTTP.
Tester and battery protection in DC and discharge.
Use between -10 ° ~ 55 ° Fanless (enterable)
Remote control via PC, Android or iPhone, iPad, Remote Server,
Sensor Management and Remote Power (Option)
Power supply 12 V DC, Consumption 15W max
VPN server for a secure connection
Digital Inputs / Outputs (DI / DO)
Dimensions: 270 X 246 X 124 mm. Small footprint.
Optional analog input
DC power supply 12V DC 18W (off screen, off camera)
Warranty 2 years back workshop
Power supply unit 220 To 12 VDC 5A
Operating instructions and software in English
French Hotline (Dedicated N °)

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