VT1101M Series IFS Mini Video Transmitter with Contact Closure

The IFS® VT1101M Mini Video Transmitter. Simultaneous transmission of a fixed video signal using AM modulation. Compatible NTSC, PAL, SECAM, color. Contact closure on multimode optical fiber cable
Add an additional device: (dome switch or alarm event input). The transmitter can be mounted directly on the camera, eliminating the use of coaxial cable.

More details

The IFS® VT1101M Mini Video Transmitter supports the simultaneous transmission of a fixed video signal using AM modulation and contact closure over a multimode optical fiber cable.
This contact closure allows adding an additional device, such as a dome switch or alarm event input, and returning its signal to the monitoring location. The transmitter is mountable directly to the camera, eliminating the use of coaxial cable at the camera connection and integrating into most camera housings. A BNC bus coupler is also provided to connect to the coaxial cable when the module is not mounted directly to the camera. The VT1101M series video transmitter is compatible with IFS receivers VR1000, VR1001, VR1100, VR2100 and VR1100CC. Plug-and-Play design ensures easy installation without the need for electrical or optical adjustments. The transmitter incorporates an LED indicating the status of the power supply to monitor the proper operation of the system. The transmitter is available in a stand-alone version only.

AM video transmission
NTSC, PAL, SECAM compatible
Color compatibility
Direct camera mounting
LED power status
Contact closure
No electrical or optical adjustment on the ground required
Full lifetime warranty

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