Série VIC5211 Système d'interphone vidéo IFS Aiphone

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IFS® VIC5211 Series video intercom system compatible with Aiphone ™ Equipment. Module for simultaneous transmission of fixed video, half-duplex audio and bidirectional contact closure. Use with a multimode optical fiber
The module provides push-to-call contacts, remote close contacts, carrier and AGC detection.

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The IFS® VIC5211 Series Video Intercom System is designed for full compatibility with Aiphone ™ LEM, LEF and NEM equipment. The module supports simultaneous transmission of still video, half-duplex audio, and bidirectional contact closure over a multimode optical fiber. Plug-and-play design ensures easy installation. The module provides push-to-call contacts, remote close contacts, and also adjusts speaker volume and microphone gain. Built-in Power Indicator, Carrier Detection, and AGC LEDs to monitor system operation.
They are available in standalone version or rack version.

Aiphone LEM, LEF, NEM Intercom Equipment
Fixed Video Transmission 
Half-Duplex Audio 
Remote Gate Control

Compatible w/Aiphone LEM, LEF and NEM Intercom Equipment
Fixed Video Transmission
Half-Duplex Audio
Built-in 3 Watt Audio Amplifier
Transmits Push-to-Call via Contact Closure
Transmits Remote Contact Closure to .5 amp Relay Out for Gate Control
Full Range Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
Plug and Play Design Ensures Ease of Installation
Power, Carrier Detect, and AGC Status Indicating LED’s to Monitor System Performance
Automatic Resettable Fuses on All Power Lines
Hot-Swappable Rack Modules
Distances Up to 2.5 miles (4 km) without Repeaters
Comprehensive Lifetime Warranty.

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