VR1100 Series IFS AM Receiver Video with Automatic Gain Control (AGC)

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IFS® VR1100 Series Video Receiver
Detects an AM modulated video signal connected by multimode fiber optic cable
Automatic gain control (AGC) Plug and Play design ensures easy installation
No electrical or optical adjustment Module available in standalone version or rack version.

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The IFS® VR1100 Series Video Receiver detects an AM video signal on a multimode fiber optic cable.
The receiver uses automatic gain control (AGC) and is compatible with IFS VT1101M, VT1101M-AC and VT1001 series transmitters.

Plug-and-Play design ensures easy installation without the need for electrical or optical adjustments.
The receiver incorporates power and AGC status LEDs indicating proper system operation.
Module available in standalone version or rack version.

CCTV (Video Still)

AM video
NTSC, PAL, SECAM compatibility
 Color compatibility
Automatic gain control over the entire range (AGC)
 No electrical or optical adjustments on the ground required
 AGC power and status LEDs to monitor system performance
Hot-swappable rack modules
 Fuses can be reset automatically on all power lines
 Lifetime warranty.

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