VT / VR1500WDM Series - IFS FM Video with Return Data

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VT Series / VR1500WDM- Video / Data Transmitter / Receiver FM video transmission reduces ghosting
Universal modules compatible with leading manufacturers of CCTV cameras. No electrical or optical adjustment. Distances up to 69 km (69 km) without repeater. Use with multimode or single-mode optical fiber. Standalone version or rack version.

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The IFS® VT / VR1500WDM Data and Data Transmitter / Receiver  supports the simultaneous transmission of FM (Frequency Modulated) video data and feedback data over an optical fiber. The modules are universally compatible with leading manufacturers of CCTV cameras and support RS-232 and RS-422 data interfaces as well as all major data protocols. They are available for use with multimode or single-mode optical fiber.

Plug-and-Play design ensures easy installation without the need for electrical or optical adjustments.
The modules include LEDs indicating the status of power and carrier to monitor the proper operation of the system. Available in standalone version or in rack version.

CCTV with unidirectional PTZ camera control
CCTV with remote signaling

FM video transmission reduces ghosting, jitter and crosstalk between channels, delivering superior video transmission
NTSC, PAL, SECAM compatibility
Color compatibility
Supports RS-232 or RS-422 data interfaces
Transparent for data coding / Compatible with major CCTV systems Camera manufacturers
No electrical or optical adjustments on the ground required
LEDs indicating power and carrier status to monitor system performance
Hot-swappable rack modules
Automatically resettable fuses
Distances up to 69 km (69 km) without repeaters
Life time warranty.

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