VT1500WDM-Pelco FS Series Video with Reverse Data

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IFS® Series VT1500WDM-Pelco. Miniature video transmitter. Data receiver. Multimode optical cable
Automatic gain control on the range (AGC). Distances up to 4 km without repeaters. Available in FiberPak ™.

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The IFS® VT1500WDM-Pelco Series is a miniature video transmitter and a data receiver using multimode optical cable. It connects directly to the Pelco SPECTRA III and SPECTRA DOME IV data conversion connector.
The VT1500WDM-Pelco offers the same performance as the standard VT1500WDM and is compatible with the VR1500WDM (R3) standard.
Designed for quick and easy installation, the VT1500WDM-Pelco has no external electrical connections and requires no external power supply.

AM video transmission
 NTSC, PAL, SECAM compatibility
 Color compatibility
 Compatible with Pelco RS-422 data interface
 Transparent encoding for data - Full Range Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
 No electrical or optical adjustments on the ground required
 Integrated WDM for increased product reliability
 Distances up to 4 km without repeaters
 Available in FiberPak ™
 Life time warranty

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