DT / DR3000 Series 8-Channel Contact Mapping Transmitters and Receivers

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IFS® DT / DR3000 series contact mapping transmitter and receiver, transmits up to eight contact closings on a fiber. Use with a multimode or singlemode optical fiber. Distances up to (40 km) standalone or rack version.

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The models in this series are available for use with multimode or single mode fiber optics.
Plug-and-Play design ensures easy installation without the need for electrical or optical adjustments.
Each module incorporates power indication and individual status LEDs to control confirmation of contact closure for each of the eight channels. Available in standalone version or in rack version.

Alarm Event Triggering
Building Automation & Environmental Control Systems
Lane / Gate Control
Fire & Alarm Systems
PIR Signal Transmission

Transmits up to eight contact closures on one fiber
Eight-channel point-to-point transmission architecture
Power LEDs and Eight individual channels
Eight Reed SPST relays (with individual indicators)
Exceeds the environmental requirements of NEMA TS-1 / TS Specifications -2 and Caltrans (transient overvoltage, temperature / humidity, shock and vibration protection) for traffic control equipment
Microprocessor logic and battery backup in the receiver eliminate the iron condition
random loss of contacts in case of loss of optical fiber path or loss of main operating power • Carrier loss relay for alarm notifications
Relay contact capacity: 200 VDC, 0.5 A, normally open
No electrical or optical adjustments on site required
Solid state current limiters automatically resettable
Hot-swappable rack modules
Distances up to 25 miles (40 km)
Life time warranty.

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