VADT / VADR14100WDM IFS Series Video with 2-way stereo audio, 2 data channels and reverse sync

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VADT / VADR14100WDM Series Video with two-way stereo audio. 2 data channels and reverse synchronization
Digitally encoded video transmission 10 bits. Universal modules compatible with most video cameras. Remote video surveillance with PTZ control. Distance to 43 km (69 km).

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IFS® VADT / VADR14100WDM video transceivers support simultaneous transmission in broadcast quality of digitally encoded 10-bit video, 20-bit digitally encoded stereo audio, bidirectional data transmission and Genlock on a single mode or multimode optical fiber .

The modules are universally compatible with leading manufacturers of CCTV cameras and support RS-485, RS-422 and RS-485 2 and 4-wire data interfaces and all major data protocols.

Plug-and-Play design ensures easy installation without the need for electrical or optical adjustments.
Each transceiver has status indication lights to monitor the proper operation of the system. The modules are available in standalone or rack version.

Remote video surveillance with PTZ control and two-way audio communications
 ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems)

Video input / output: 1 volt pk-pk (75 ohms)
Bandwidth: 5 Hz - 10 MHz
Differential gain: <2%
Differential phase: <0.7 °
Tilt: <1%
Signal to noise ratio (SNR):> 67 dB
Data interface: RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 2- or 4-wire with three states.
Data format: NRZ, NRZI, Manchester, Bi-phase
Data rate: DC - 100 kbps (NRZ)
Operating mode: Single or full duplex
Number of bits: 20
Bandwidth: 20 Hz to 18 KHz @ -1 dB
Maximum input / output level: 0 dBm on 600 ohms
Total harmonic distortion: 0.01% @ 0 dB Output level
Input output: Balanced or unbalanced, 600 ohms
Sampling rate: 52.3 kHz
Signal to noise ratio (SNR): 87 dB minimum
Channel crosstalk: -100 dB at 1 KHz
DTE / DCE interface:
User selectable
Wavelength: 1310/1550 nm, multimode or singlemode
Number of fibers: 1
Optical connectors: ST
Power: Terminal block with screw clamps
Video and reverse synchronization: BNC (gold-plated central pin)
Audio and data: DB 25 connector
Power: 12 VDC @ 500 mA
Number of rack slots: 2
Protection: Semiconductor current limiters that can be reset automatically.
PCB: Meets IPC standard
Size: (WxDxH)
Surface mount: 17.8 x 10.2 x 5.1 cm
Rack mount: 19.6 x 12.7 x 5.1 cm
Weight: <2 lbs / 0.9 kg
MTBF:> 100,000 hours
Temporary operation: -40 ° C to + 74 ° C
Storage temp: -40 ° C to + 85 ° C
Relative humidity: 0% to 95% (non-condensing)

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