VDT / VDR1505WDM Series Digitally encoded IFS video with "Up-the-Coax" unidirectional data

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VDT / VDR1505WDM Series Digitally Encoded Video. One-way video and unidirectional data transmission "up-the-coax" Digitally encoded video transmission. Integrated WDM for greater product reliability
Distances up to 15 miles (25 km)

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The IFS® VDT/VDR1505WDM Series video and data transmission system is designed for full compatibility with “Up-the-Coax” video/data systems from major manufacturers such as Panasonic Proteus™, Pelco Coaxitron™, Bosch Bi-Linx™,and others. The module supports simultaneous broadcast quality transmission of 10-bit digitally encoded video and “up the coax” data over one multimode or single mode fiber.

Plug-and-Play design ensures ease of installation requiring no electrical or optical adjustments. The VDT/VDR1505WDM Series features an optional contact closure input that allows an additional device such as a dome tamper switch or alarm input to be added and its signal transmitted back to the monitoring location. This feature eliminates the need for installing additional wiring to support the alarm contact closure.

The modules incorporate power, video and data status indicating LED’s to monitor proper system operation. The modules are available in either stand-alone or rack mount versions.

Panasonic Proteus ™
Pelco Coaxitron ™
Bosch Bi-Linx ™ (Add "-B" for Bosch Bi-Linx ™ compatibility

One-way video and unidirectional data transmission "up-the-coax"
Digitally coded video transmission on 10 bits
Exceeds short-distance transmission RS-250CC
Optional bidirectional contact closure
NTSC, PAL, SECAM compatible
Color compatibility
No electrical or optical adjustments on the ground required
LED power, video and PTZ indicating system status to monitor system performance
Integrated WDM for greater product reliability
Hot-swappable rack modules
Fuses can be reset automatically on all supply lines
Distances up to 15 miles (25 km)
Life time warranty

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