UW-38i/UW-38TVI Underwater diving camera

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Mini camera 316L stainless steel submersible 200m wired
For inspections and diving works, diving helmet, submerged applications in seawater, nuclear power plants and other large applications, diving worksites.
IP68 underwater immersion 100m or 200m high sealed grade allows permanent use in water.
100% customizable product
On demand underwater cameras.

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Professional wired submarine camera, for diving helmet, scuba diving, submerged applications in seawater, fresh water, nuclear power plants, or requiring a superior waterproofness for applications in wet environment, fluid projections, machine tool.



The UW-38 is now declined in 2 models:

UW-38i with an analogue video output PAL/NTSC
UW-38TVI with a Full-HD video signal

The UW-38i camera works with the most of monitoring systems, while the UW-38TVI is suitable to be monitored and recorded with our Monitoring case VDR-150HD or any HD-TVI compatible system:



Mini submersible camera 200m in 316L stainless steel
Service pressure greater than the demand
Lens of your choice: 2.9 - 3.6 - 6 - 8mm
6 ultra bright, IR or white LEDs
Available without lighting on request
Power supply 9 ~ 12VDC or 14 ~ 30VDC
Polyurethane immersion cable sold separately
Diameter 39,8mm
High quality machined 316L stainless steel body
Various mounting brackets available
Weight 800g

Optional accessories:
Stabilized power supply 12 or 24V
Underwater connector (Jupiter, SubConn, Fischer ..)
High quality reinforced cable, polyurethane sheath
Available for applications in the presence of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) - Non Atex

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