ARF868MR Radio Modem Long Range Wireless Bidirectional

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ARF868-MR modem for radio transmission
Wireless bidirectional. Operating distance up to 4Km. Sensitivity: -120dBm (BER10-3)
Power: 25mW. 60 channels @ 14dBm / 57.6kbps; +500 channels @ 14dBm / 2.4kbps. RF data rates: 2.4 to 115.2 kbps *
RS232 / RS485 or USB serial port
High transmission reliability.

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The ARF868 is a new generation of radio modems that can be used to transmit bidirectional signals.
Wireless data in half duplex up to 4 km. These 25 mW products are available in two versions:
• ARF868 MR (medium range) with a maximum range of 4 km.
• ARF868 LP (Long power) with a maximum range of 1 km.
Running on 863-870 MHz, these modems are certified and can be used without a license.
In order to guarantee quick and easy implementation, the ARF868s are equipped with a single DB9 connector incorporating an automatic type (RS232 / RS485) and a bit rate (Autobaud) recognition. An optional serial-to-USB converter is also available.
To enable their use for applications over very long distances or in harsh environment environments, the ARF868s offer a repeater function *. They also present a "Legacy" mode ensuring "air" compatibility with all
radio modems of the "X" 3-PRO range. The small, yet lightweight and rugged housing is equipped with a DIN rail mounting so that it can be immediately integrated into an industrial environment. For harsh environments requiring increased protection of modems, IP53 and IP67 options are available.

Range: up to 4 km
Sensitivity: -120dBm (BER10-3)
Power: 25mW
Radiated RF power: 14dBm
Frequencies: 863-870MHz
RF data rates: 2.4 to 115.2 kbps *
Number of channels: +500 @ 14dBm / 2.4kbps
Number of channels: 60 @ 14dBm / 57.6kbps
Serial transmission rate: 1.2 to 115.2 kbps
Serial ports: RS232 - RS485 - USB optional
Flow Control: None or RTS / CTS
Power Range: 4.5 to 36Vdc
Transparent fashion
Repeater mode
ARF X3-PRO "legacy" mode
"Autobaud" function
Temperature range: -30 ° C to + 70 ° C
Dimensions: 135 x 75 x 35mm
Weight: 155g

Optional: serial-USB converter

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