CH-300-418 Chargeur Lithium-ion 4S 18A IP65

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Chargeur Lithium ion 4S

Entrée 100-240 V AC
Tension de sortie 16.8 V
Courant de sortie 18A
Indicateur de charge
Etanche IP65
Port IR

Plus de détails

IP65 - built for the tough environment
With the power electronics sealed into a case of extruded AL-Alloy. Industrial, shock- and vibration proof. A pressure relief vent prevents condensation inside. Reliably works at -30°C, at 100VAC mains.

'Auto Wake-Up' for batteries in sleep mode
Connecting the battery activates it for a new charge cycle.

Conditional re-start of charge cycle
Charger switches off at 'Battery-Full'. A new charge cycle will start
after a given number of days elapsed, or when a preset voltage level across the battery terminal is seen by the charger.

ustomer-defined charge parameters
MEC emails to authorized customers, upon request, a customized
charge parameter file. Uploading it to the Nova-300IS, via its inte-
grated data port, is effortless and overwrites the existing charge profile, rendering a charger made to specs, off-the-shelf.

Other Features, optional:

Remote Display port
Ignition-Lock / Drive-Inhibit port

Indicateur de charge a LED
Température de fonctionnement -30°C à 40°C
Indice IP65 waterproof
Dimensions 170x230x70
Poids 3.1Kg