Sentinel wifi bluetooth detection system

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Qcc Sentinel is the most advanced portable TSCM system for detection & location of Wi-Fi 2.4 Ghz of / Bluetooth devices / Access Points & for detection & location of / Bluetotth devices (all classes) with full direction finding capabilities.
Detect, analyse and locate all Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices (connect and unconnecterd)

Option available
Cellular Modem for remote access & reporting module.

  • Force disconnect Wifi enabled devices
  • Display ralationship between ap & device identifies wifi store and foward devices
  • Create Wifi  / Bluetooth target lists. Correlation between missions for intel operations
  • Increase communication of Wifi enabled devices to ease DF location
  • Offline desktop app for managing & reviewing results
  • TSCM workflow & threat detection algorithms

Plus de détails

    QCC Sentinel Detect & locate Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz – 5 GHz devices and access points
    Detect & locate Bluetooth 4.0 devices
    Identify Wi-Fi Store & Forward devices
    Full direction-finding capabilities
    Force disconnect Wi-Fi enabled devices
    Increase communication of Wi-Fi enabled devices to ease direction finding (DF) location
    Display relationship between AP & device
    Create Wi-Fi / Bluetooth target lists
    Display both uplink & downlink data rate
    Show both paired & unpaired Bluetooth devices
    Wake up function for non-connected devices
    Deauthorize devices for a specific period of time
    Correlate missions for Intel operations
    Offline desktop app for managing & reviewing results
    Intuitive, user friendly interface
    Small and light weight at only 5.5 lbs.

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