Law enforcement products camera battery illuminator transmitter

Video Cameras, Zoom Lenses, IR-Illuminators

Night Vision Camera with Full-HD CMOS sensor for extreme low light conditions
SWIR Cameras combining visual light and short wave infrared
Motor Zoom Lenses for Full-HD CMOS and SWIR cameras
Laser Illuminator (810 nm or 960 nm) with zoom optics for distances of several kilometers
Video/Audio Transmission

COFDM Video/Audio Transmission MILAN Quattro
Full-HD transmission with store & burst download function
Integrated telemetry channel for camera control
Transmitters for body-worn use and vehicle integration, available in a range of frequency bands
Full range of transmitters and receivers from body-worn to vehicle integration
IP-Mesh Router
Versatile router for 5 GHz ad-hoc networks
Range up to 40 km, very high data rates
Integrated WiFi access point, integrated LTE/4G modem, professional encryption
Audio Recording and Transmission

Rugged Lithium portable stackable battery  for more power Military grade
Fastest charging, ip, wireless and sms connection for global management. Police, law enforcement and military use.

300 MHz miniaturized audio transmitters
GSM-based hidden audio transmitters
Smart-card size miniature audio recorders
Advanced Microphones

opto-acoustic laser microphone with a range of up to 300 m
Beamforming microphone with selective suppression of unwanted sound sources