Law enforcement products camera battery illuminator transmitter

Video Cameras, Zoom Lenses, IR-Illuminators

Night Vision Camera with Full-HD CMOS sensor for extreme low light conditions
SWIR Cameras combining visual light and short wave infrared
Motor Zoom Lenses for Full-HD CMOS and SWIR cameras
Laser Illuminator (810 nm or 960 nm) with zoom optics for distances of several kilometers
Video/Audio Transmission

COFDM Video/Audio Transmission MILAN Quattro
Full-HD transmission with store & burst download function
Integrated telemetry channel for camera control
Transmitters for body-worn use and vehicle integration, available in a range of frequency bands
Full range of transmitters and receivers from body-worn to vehicle integration
IP-Mesh Router
Versatile router for 5 GHz ad-hoc networks
Range up to 40 km, very high data rates
Integrated WiFi access point, integrated LTE/4G modem, professional encryption
Audio Recording and Transmission

300 MHz miniaturized audio transmitters
GSM-based hidden audio transmitters
Smart-card size miniature audio recorders
Advanced Microphones
opto-acoustic laser microphone with a range of up to 300 m
beamforming microphone with selective suppression of unwanted sound sources