P3-100C/B The Tactical Foldable Solar Chargers

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Panneaux tactiques pliables photovoltaiques rapidement déployable pour l'alimentation de systèmes de surveillance et périphériques.

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Foldable Solar Panels are designed for regular outdoor use but not permanent outdoor installations. While light rain will not damage the panels if they are brought inside and dried before storing, the panels are not weatherproof and should not be deployed in poor conditions. The fabric may discolor and fray with permanent outdoor exposure, and the individual solar modules may also be compromised.

Always store the Foldable Solar Panel in a cool, dry environment. If the panel is wet, allow it to thoroughly dry before folding and storing it to avoid damage (temperature range -30 to 60° C).

All connections must be solar positive (red) to battery positive and solar negative (black or blue) to battery negative. Reversing can damage the solar panel. Consult your battery manufacturer if you have questions about the specifications of your battery.

A charge controller is not required if the battery capacity is 100x greater (or more) than the panel output. For example, a 100Ah battery would not need a charge controller if the panel output is 1A or less. If a charge controller is required, please size it appropriately to the panel output.

Operating Voltage and Current are typical values when tested under load at AM 1.5 lighting conditions. Power performance may vary due to temperature, light spectrum, angle to the sun, and other effects (minimum 95% rated when new).

Part Numbers
Product part numbers on paperwork and invoices will include additional information not seen on the Foldable Solar Panel's physical label. Below are the codes added that designate color.

Black - (BLK)
Khaki - (KHA)
Woodland - (WL)
Digicam - (ACU)
3 Color Desert Camo - (3CD)
LiteLok Coyote Brown - (CB)
LiteLok Multicam (LTMC)Wattage: 120W
Operating Voltage: 15.4V
Current: 7.2A
Folded: 14.5 x 14.0 x 3.0 (in) / 368.3 x 355.6 x 76.2 (mm)
Unfolded: 86.5 x 55.0 (in) / 2,197.1 x 1,397.0 (mm)
6.3lb / 2.9kg

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