H60x20SWA-ZP3C Motorized SWIR Zoom & Focus C-Mount Lens

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Fujinon D60X16.7SR4FE-ZP3C 1/1.8" 16.7-1000mm (33.4-2000mm w/ 2X) F3.5 Motorized Zoom & Focus w/ DC or Video Auto-Iris C-Mount Lens, Manual Override, Presets, Day/Night, 2 MP Rated, RS-232

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Offering F3.5 brightness and 60x zoom (focal length of 2000mm when used with an extender), these lenses are suited for long range surveillance, including harbor surveillance. The compact and lightweight design allows establishment of compact remote surveillance systems. Day/Night capability for high-quality imaging around the clock. Equipped with a 2x extender that can see the actions of a person at a distance of 4km. Multiple power sources supported, can use existing control systems. Iris Override function allows manual iris adjustment.

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