TX2 video COFDM Transmitter

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The TX2 COFDM transmitter features a built-in video recorder and provides very high quality video and audio transmission via RF channel. COFDM modulation ensures reliable, quality signal even in poor conditions. Note that this unit can also record data.

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Easy to use
Up to 15 hours of recording
COFDM modulation
Auto-on recording on power connection
Loop recording
Optional wired remote
Parameter pre-programming (optional)
This unit offers up to 15 hours of recording time, and recording automatically starts when the power is connected. All data recorded (audio and video) is saved on a micro SD card (MPEG2 compression), but can also be transmitted to receiver. Note that the micro SD card can be up to 32 GB.

Another advantage of this unit is the fact that it can connect to a PC or laptop with a USB cable, allowing simple transmission of any stored data. COFDM-modulation ensures high quality and reliable operation, even in difficult challenging conditions. It also delivers quality images when the unit is in motion, or when there is no direct visibility.

This device provides MPEG2 compression for video data. This ensures no delays in transmission and protects against image quality degradation. The TX2 features a transmission level greater than 500 mW and is designed to be used with RX2 series (RX3, RX4) video receivers. Because of its compact form factor, it makes an ideal addition to any mobile surveillance system.

COFDM modulation narrow band-mode and high spectral efficiency improve transmitter distance, and provides the ability to operate more than one transmitter simultaneously. The INT-V023-2 uses internal Li-PO batteries, but can also be connected to a 12V PSU, and can pair with 12V cameras. Note that we do recommend using a BAND video camera. The TX2 does come with a flexible external mic (with onboard amplifier).

Other Features of Note
Pre-programmed video transmitter parameters (optional)
Additional data transfer connector
Stereo mic
Programmable Parameters
Operating frequency (MHz)
Transmission level (mW)
Input bandwidth (kHz)
Modulation scheme
Compression type (video)
Audio processing and encoding
Audio signal amplification
Stereo or mono modes
Data transmission speed
Note that customizing configuration parameters will affect transmission distance, video quality and will help avoid data transmission delay.

For instance, greater transmission distances can be achieved without a decrease in transmission level with ultra-narrow band.

Also note that optional configurations may increase the cost of the unit.

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