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SATIS - RUGGED PTZ Police camera 30X

Waterproof Day / Night PTZ Camera30X Optical Zoom + 12X Digital ZoomVery robust & Waterproof IP66.


TELESCOPCAM Ultra Low Light B & W

Ultra Low Light Waterproof Day / Night CameraPTZ Optical Zoom 30X360 ° continuous rotationVery rugged & waterproof IP68Low consumption


PTZ Analogue Telescopcam 960H

Colour 960H Analogue PTZ camera day / nightOptical zoom 40 X + 12X digital¼ CCD Sensor SONY HAD II (Double Scan) Rugged and waterproof IP68


Telescopcam III-HDSDI Waterproof Camera

Day / night colour HDSDI waterproof cameraSONY Exmor CMOS EV7500 1/2" SensorPTZ Zoom 30XRugged and waterproof IP68


VS20HDIP PTZ IP Rugged Camera OnVif Full HD

Hardened PTZ cameraMotorized high-resolution full HD IP domeIR or white LED lightingMagnetic baseOutdoor day / night, 20X optical zoomIntegrated image stabilizer DIS


VH36 - Rugged analog CVBS PTZ camera with leds

Motorized PTZ dome camera 360 ° enlesss rotation with built-in white or IR led illuminator, range 60m, and image stabilizater


VSHD20 Rugged HDSDI ptz camera

Rugged HD-SDI video motorized camera with White LEDs or Infrared



Hybrid motorized dome cameraIP and HDSDI IR HD Outdoor Day / NightPTZ Zoom 20 or 30XCorrosion-proof IP66 waterproof housingMagnetic base for fixing on vehicles and sheet metal.


FALCON - Ultra Low Light Tactical PTZ...

The Falcon is a rugged pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) camera for covert applications. It features a day/night 36x or 50x zoom camera with 1080p and day/night mecahnical IR-cut filter for low light performance. Made of aluminium & Pom, this camera is IP66 weatherproof and is protected for all environments.

BLACKBOX PTZ Camera 30X 1080p

Camera PTZ can be hidden on a car rear shelf, on a window or simply on the facade of a building. Enables discreet remote monitoring. Looks like a Bluetooth speaker. Front has a filter and mesh making the camera invisible.

Motorized cylinder camera at 330 ° ptz

Motorized cylinder camera at 330 ° ptzFull HD 1080P resolution. Motorized camera horizontally 330 °. Night vision up to 3 meters. IP camera WIFI easy to install.


LOKI-Therm Thermal Camera Pan Tilt 640 X 512 p

LOKI-Therm, French design Allwan Sécurity. Tactical mini thermal camera 640 X 512p. Small footprint ∅ 12.5 X 14 cm, continuous 360 ° rotation without stop, does not require ITAR declaration. Available in November.


DS-MH6171I Easy Arm - PTZ 30X 3G / 4G...

Easy Arm Standalone 1/3 "Progressive Scan CMOS 3G / 4G Camera. 1920 × 1080/1280 × 720 resolution, 30x Optical Zoom, 12x Digital Zoom, IR distance up to 60m. Two SD card slots, up to 128 GB for each card. Dome for PTZ portable intervention vehicle HIKVISION. Available in version without IR...

PTZ Powered Dome IP Camera 360 ° Rotation...

MIP7520A CMOS Sensor Dome Camera, 1/3 "1.3MP CMOS Progressive Scan, Pan / Tilt / Zoom Technology 360 ° horizontal rotation 1.3MP (960P) HD IP video resolution, 20x optical zoom, IR night vision at plus 80 meters waterproof IP66, weather resistant.

Caméra Dôme motorisée PTZ embarquée durcie IP68

IP68 waterproof hardened motorized mini camera, 20x + 10x digital zoom. 1 / 2.8 "Progressive Scan CMOS sensor, high resolution MP 2 Continuous 360 ° rotation Power supply DC 11 ~ 13V DC low consumption 2 years warranty.

MIB-18HD Analog IP Turret Platform for PTZ...

MIB-18HD is a platform system with IP and analog connection. Has PoE and ONVIF for video and PTZ control, analog video output, Pelco-D via RS485. Input power 5-18V DC. ONVIF fully supported for streaming. Its small design and the front pivot support allow (integration and camouflage). Small 18x...

iDS-MCD202-B Rapidly deployable PTZ 4G WiFi...

Speed ​​Dome integrated with 4G, Wi-Fi, GPS module, portable infrared iDS-MCD202-B (S) is widely used in monitoring temporary events, e.g. parade, strike, outdoor concert, police, on-board surveillance, etc.

Mobile 4G PTZ Mobile Camera

4G HD Emergency PTZ camera is a camera that uses 4G. Wireless image transmission, integrated HD camera, infrared. PTZ, shock absorber magnetic chuck, video encoding, wireless transmission and other modules.

V-ZPT-4 Mecanisme motorisé pan tilt

4-way motorized platform for CCTV camera. Pan and tilt mechanism for Pinholes lenses.

FALCON_4K30 camera PTZ tactique 4K UHD Ultra...

END OF LIFE 4K 8MP nocturnal motorized zoom camera for tactical operations.30X Zoom 8.2 ~ 246 mmUltra Low Light 0.00005 LuxWaterproof IP68


OBSERVER 4G Cellular IP Camera Systems For...

Autonomous mobile video terminal 4G LTE Urban Security. Simple installation and implementation, this camera makes it possible to effectively and easily monitor sensitive sites. No more need for civil engineering. These cameras can be deployed in a few minutes over a wide area to monitor events...

ECHO independent PTZ camera WiFi 4G

Standalone 1080p 3G / 4G Camera STARLIGHT Law Light Dôme 30x optical zoom, 16X digital. Focal length 6mm ~ 180mm. Built-in battery 9 hours. Built-in storage 512 GB. Waterproof IP66.

Easy Arm autonomous camera 4G WiFi

Standalone 1080p 3G / 4G CamerDome for PTZ portable intervention vehicle HIKVISION. Available in version without IR DS-MH6171 with Infrared 60 meters DS-H6171I. This camera is ideal for emergency orders: borders, isolated areas, concert, strike, parade or even public building sites.

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