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EB23080 Invisible infrared articulated...

EB23080 Invisible Infrared VideoscopeHigh resolution industrial articulated endoscopic camera. Lighting with infrared optical guide. Interchangeable sheath. Inspection distance 5 ~ 10 meters. Viewing angle 150 metersWaterproof IP67, Anti-shock.

RB-1710 -Handheld thermal imaging Camera...

Infrared Thermal Endoscope RB-1710 SeriesResolution of the 80x60 / 160x120 probeSpecial features Pro version (automatic search for hot and cold spots)Length of the fiber 1 meterAvailable in Standard / Professional version.

Videoscope FM3-P IR Series Police Infrared

FM3-P IR Series Police VideoscopeInterchangeable night vision insertion tube(infrared thermal imaging)Micro probe, 360 ° articulationLong-distance night vision inspectionReal-time dynamic monitoringRemote image transmissionLightweight and portable, only 45g

Endovicam - Industrial Industrial Endoscope/...

Endovicam - Advanced video inspectionPortable industrial endoscope. Ultra Definition (720P / 1080P Photography & Video). Replaceable monitor 360 ° precise articulation With joystick. Double battery, 8 hours of autonomy. Working distance 1.5m / 2m / 3m / 4m / 5m / 6m.

CVS07IR tactical endoscope camera 4 way IR

ALLWAN offers wide range of 4 way articulation remote visual inspection camera. The high-end night vision industrial inspection videoscope is a portable, durable, and easy to use inspection tool, designed to remotely inspect area that are not otherwise visible. The IR offers operators the ability...

FCS680 - Flexible Endoscopes for Police / Army

FCS680 - Flexible Endoscopes for Police / ArmyPatented OptiLux ™ No-Light Loss TechnologyAngle of 360 ° view controlled by joystick3.7 "touch screen, 640 X 480p resolutionCapture of images (JPEG) and video (AVI)SD card for multimedia storageRechargeable Li-ion batteryCertified use hazardous areas...

ENDOSCAM - Caméra Endoscopique

Endoscope is a precision bending endoscopeEndoscam is used to have a vision ofaccuracy in confined spacesIdeal for precision inspectionIdeal for inspection in small diameters.

V55100 Micro inspection Video Scope

V55100 - Videoscope Micro Inspection with interchangeable probe


LUMISS07 Recorder-monitor 7 inch portable...

Portable monitor (5h) for monitoring and recording our industrial and underwater video cameras. Waterproof IP65, compatible AHD, CVI, TVI and analogue CVBS PAL/NTSC.

Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items