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EB23080 Invisible Infrared VideoscopeHigh resolution industrial articulated endoscopic camera. Lighting with infrared optical guide. Interchangeable sheath. Inspection distance 5 ~ 10 meters. Viewing angle 150 metersWaterproof IP67, Anti-shock.

Infrared Thermal Endoscope RB-1710 SeriesResolution of the 80x60 / 160x120 probeSpecial features Pro version (automatic search for hot and cold spots)Length of the fiber 1 meterAvailable in Standard / Professional version.

FM3-P IR Series Police VideoscopeInterchangeable night vision insertion tube(infrared thermal imaging)Micro probe, 360 ° articulationLong-distance night vision inspectionReal-time dynamic monitoringRemote image transmissionLightweight and portable, only 45g

Endovicam - Advanced video inspectionPortable industrial endoscope. Ultra Definition (720P / 1080P Photography & Video). Replaceable monitor 360 ° precise articulation With joystick. Double battery, 8 hours of autonomy. Working distance 1.5m / 2m / 3m / 4m / 5m / 6m.

ALLWAN offers wide range of 4 way articulation remote visual inspection camera. The high-end night vision industrial inspection videoscope is a portable, durable, and easy to use inspection tool, designed to remotely inspect area that are not otherwise visible. The IR offers operators the ability...


Analog video recorder and audio commentary. Suitable for ALLWAN endoscopic probes.Compatible analog cameras (with optional adapter)Portable, internal battery.

FCS680 - Flexible Endoscopes for Police / ArmyPatented OptiLux ™ No-Light Loss TechnologyAngle of 360 ° view controlled by joystick3.7 "touch screen, 640 X 480p resolutionCapture of images (JPEG) and video (AVI)SD card for multimedia storageRechargeable Li-ion batteryCertified use hazardous areas...

Endoscope is a precision bending endoscopeEndoscam is used to have a vision ofaccuracy in confined spacesIdeal for precision inspectionIdeal for inspection in small diameters.

V55100 - Videoscope Micro Inspection with interchangeable probe


Portable monitor (5h) for monitoring and recording our industrial and underwater video cameras. Waterproof IP65, compatible AHD, CVI, TVI and analogue CVBS PAL/NTSC.

Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items