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IP9500VRS HD IP encoder for FCB-EV9500M...

The IP9500VRS network access control panel board is suitable for SONY FCB-EV9500M HD MIPI block camera module, connecting the camera through an extremely thin coaxial cable, and can output HD video signals throught the network without camera configuration. With AI intelligent function, can...

Mini WiFi Video Routers 802.11n MST-WF11NM,...

Wifi mini video routerWireless video transfer Wifi to "ipad, iphone, Android tablet, Android phone, pc".Wireless LAN Mode 2T2RUse with UCD-210 802.11n wifi.

LVDS Mini Coding Module HD Video Full HD LVDS

The ATOMAS-MINI-LVDS Encoding Module is a feature-rich video encoder designed for a wide range of OEM camera models.Unique compact form factor of the ATOMAS Mini LVDS.

MINI-YUV Full HD Codeur Vidéo IP pour caméra OEM

The MINI-YUV coding module is an original video encoder for a wide range of OEM camera models. The unique compact form factor of ATOMAS-MINI-YUV is particularly suitable for integration with most parallel camera modules.

MINI-DUAL - Dual Full HD IP Video Camera

The ATOMAS-MINI-DUAL Encoder Module is a feature-rich video encoder designed for a wide range of dual camera designs. The ATOMAS-MINI-DUAL's compact dual-input format is particularly suitable for integration into two-phase systems.cameras with an LVDS master zoom block and a secondary video...

MICRO-HDSDI - Full HD IP Video Module HD-SDI

The MICRO-HDSDI module is a vidéo interface add-on designed for use with the ATOMAS-MICRO coding platform. This optional module converts any HD-SDI video input into a parallel video interface compatible with the ATOMAS-MICRO encoder.

Atomas-MICRO NCTC Full HD vidéo IP

The ATOMAS-MICRO-CNCT ​​coding module is a feature-rich IP video coder designed for a wide range of OEM camera models. The unique miniaturized form factor of ATOMAS-MICRO-CNCT ​​makes it particularly suitable for integration into small HD camera systems.

FV4K-DCK-1x Dual Camera Full 4K Encoder

• H.265/H.264 Dual Camera Video Streaming • Interfaces with HDMI, LVDS, and Composite cameras • Programmable to support a variety of cameras • High Quality Low Latency Encoding Pass Camera Control Commands over IP • ONVIF Profile S & T Compliant The FV4K-DCK-1x designed for dual camera...

USB9500VRS USB 3.0 capture module

USB 3.0 capture module for SONY FCB EV EC CV zoom color camera blocks Suitable for SONY FCB EV/CV/EH/CH series of HD zoom camera blocks.Work with most digital zoom camera blocks that have the same interface as SONYFCB series cameras.Connect the zoom camera blocks through the LVDS interface to...


LVDS to IP Encoder Module1080p 30(25)fpsH.264 High ProfilesEthernet 10/100 Base-T LANDC12V/PoE(IEEE802.3af)

Showing 1 - 13 of 13 items

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