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Visiopole, video inspection tool on telescopic pole system, underwater 10m depth. Motorized head, high picture quality 720p/1080p, wired or wireless, control and recording on a rugged touch screen tablet.Hi-Power white leds, thermal video head as option.


WOHLER - SCREW 200 - FIXED HEAD 30m cable

Thrust cable inspection camera 30m.For pipes 40 ~ 125mm. Thanks to the innovative VIS 200/250 visual inspection camera system, you can now easily inspect ducts from 40 mm. Portable and battery powered equipment. Robust and waterproof color camera head. Allows visual inspections with ease.


SNAKE EYE III - CND Pole Inspection Camera

Perimeter Inspection Video Camera SetFor non-destructive testing CND. Equipment tested and approved by EDF since 2011. Used in all French NPPsIP68 waterproof set. Submersible camera 30m.


CAMFOR HD borehole inspection camera

CAMFOR-HD- Video camera setDrilling well inspectionDouble axial and radial sightingMotorized head and electric motorized reelALLWAN Security- official representative in France

Endovicam - Industrial Industrial Endoscope/...

Endovicam - Advanced video inspectionPortable industrial endoscope. Ultra Definition (720P / 1080P Photography & Video). Replaceable monitor 360 ° precise articulation With joystick. Double battery, 8 hours of autonomy. Working distance 1.5m / 2m / 3m / 4m / 5m / 6m.

RB-1710 -Handheld thermal imaging Camera...

Infrared Thermal Endoscope RB-1710 SeriesResolution of the 80x60 / 160x120 probeSpecial features Pro version (automatic search for hot and cold spots)Length of the fiber 1 meterAvailable in Standard / Professional version.

Videoscope FM3-P IR Series Police Infrared

FM3-P IR Series Police VideoscopeInterchangeable night vision insertion tube(infrared thermal imaging)Micro probe, 360 ° articulationLong-distance night vision inspectionReal-time dynamic monitoringRemote image transmissionLightweight and portable, only 45g

CVS07IR tactical endoscope camera 4 way IR

ALLWAN offers wide range of 4 way articulation remote visual inspection camera. The high-end night vision industrial inspection videoscope is a portable, durable, and easy to use inspection tool, designed to remotely inspect area that are not otherwise visible. The IR offers operators the ability...

FCS680 - Flexible Endoscopes for Police / Army

FCS680 - Flexible Endoscopes for Police / ArmyPatented OptiLux ™ No-Light Loss TechnologyAngle of 360 ° view controlled by joystick3.7 "touch screen, 640 X 480p resolutionCapture of images (JPEG) and video (AVI)SD card for multimedia storageRechargeable Li-ion batteryCertified use hazardous areas...

ENDOSCAM - Caméra Endoscopique

Endoscope is a precision bending endoscopeEndoscam is used to have a vision ofaccuracy in confined spacesIdeal for precision inspectionIdeal for inspection in small diameters.

V55100 Micro inspection Video Scope

V55100 - Videoscope Micro Inspection with interchangeable probe


JupiCam - Quick video inspection tool

Specially designed for occasional investigations in fresh and salt water. This camera is made of stainless steel 316L. Its anti-abrasion cable ensures a long service life of the material. JUPITER removable connector. Comes with PELICASE 1120 storage case.


Tactical telescopic pole thermal camera FLIR...

Thermal 160X120p Telescopic Pole Camera Pan Tilt Motorized 360° Wireless for inspection and security.  Telescopic Pole Inspection Camera, Microbolometer sensor technology FLIR Lepton® 3 VOx (does not require a cooling system).


CNDEye HD - FULL HD CND Pole Inspection Camera

New NDI video inspection tool on pole with a FULL HD video display and recording.Rugged system : Reinforced camera and monitor.

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