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AL-30THERM Mini thermal camera

Mini waterproof thermal camera for drones. Outdoor applications for aircraft or helicopters, thanks to its low weight.Consumption <to 4W. Thermal camera AL-30THERM. Usable for any night imaging application. Search for people, sensitive sites, fire starts.Aluminum body.



IP dome camera OnVif and HD-SDI / CVBS. Motorized hardened vibrations and shocks. Full HD day vision and thermal 384x288 or 640x480. PTZ Zoom 30X (day) - Outdoor IP66 / 67. Thermal objective 19 or 40mm. Built-in image stabilizer.


IR-CARCAM400 Mini thermal vehicle camera

Thermal camera for vehicles waterproof IP67 and compact.Vision in total darkness.Human detection up to 300m.400x300 resolution.Compatible with ALLWAN and ORLACO mobile solutions.

Helion XQ50F Thermal Camera

Helion XQ50F- Thermal camera with flawless capture of still images and videos, integrated recorder. Variable magnification, up to 8x depending on the model. Comfortable vision with dynamic and fast movements. Standalone B-Pack power supply. Fast and detachable 5.2 A-h IPS5 rechargeable battery....

Binocular thermal Vision monocular PULSAR HD...

Instant detection of any life form.Efficacy day and night, even behind openwork plant obstacles. 388x284 resolution. Quantum gives the ability to adjust brightness andcontrast independently. Detection field 950 meters.This binocular of vision, remains light and compact.

FU200A Onboard camera thermal fusion thermal...

Embedded camera fusion thermal sensor / CMOS. Night driving assistance camera for military vehicles. The driver can drive vehicles safely with the headlights off or in low light conditions, as driving can immediately react to potential risk by detecting traffic lanes, people and animals on the road.

P1280-E - Concealed Thermal IP Camera for...

P1280-E Indoor / outdoor thermal camera. Thermal and discreet sensor.Variable angle mounting bracket.Storage connected to the network or locally.This camera offers you incredible flexibility.


LOKI-Therm Thermal Camera Pan Tilt 640 X 512 p

LOKI-Therm, French design Allwan Sécurity. Tactical mini thermal camera 640 X 512p. Small footprint ∅ 12.5 X 14 cm, continuous 360 ° rotation without stop, does not require ITAR declaration. Available in November.

HYPNOS Thermal Camera IP66

This thermal/thermographic camera allows data collection in hazardous environments from a safe distance. Hypnos-Thermal is a very robust tactical camera, designed to carry out complete and accurate inspections on a daily basis, regardless of the environment. IP66 protection.


Tactical telescopic pole thermal camera FLIR...

Thermal 160X120p Telescopic Pole Camera Pan Tilt Motorized 360° Wireless for inspection and security.  Telescopic Pole Inspection Camera, Microbolometer sensor technology FLIR Lepton® 3 VOx (does not require a cooling system).

RFPA microbolometer -Double thermal vision

Visible motorized bifocal thermal camera. This series offers a particularly advantageous all-in-one solution for video surveillance in long distance applications and in outdoor and night applications. Uncooled IRFPA microbolometer, temperature detection. Double thermal vision.


36X Ultra Sensitive Zoom Camera 205mm

Ultra Low Light High Resolution Camera.Compact for use in extreme conditions.Double filter (ICR) Day / Night, filtering infrared light. Hybrid camera.  Simultaneous connection in analog,36x optical zoom.

PATR609 Patrol Thermal camera

Wide-angle Dual Spectrum System - Vehicle Thermal Camera640× 480 Thermal / 1920x1080 optical resolutionImage details enhancement and high dynamic rangeSmart features: Motion detection, Intrusion, Moving path, Target enhancementTemperature range: -20ºC ~ +135ºC / 0ºC ~+400ºCTemperature accuracy:...

3071TH Mobile PTZ camera 33X day night vision...

Parameter setting    Video adjustment, Alarm temperature setting, Temperature measurement parameter setting, Full screen mode setting, Image segmentation settings, etcTemperature measurement    Mouse temperature measurement, Temperature cursor overlay, Full screen maximum temperature / minimum...


PNG-M XD-4A MINI THERM CAM - Ultra compact

Ultra compact thermal camera. Android smartphone compatible. Two modes of image processing. Interchangeable lenses. Long range detection.

HM-TM06-LF/A Thermal module camera

● 640 × 512 resolution, 17 μm, high sensitivity detector ● Adaptive AGC, DDE, 3D DNR, NETD ≤ than 35 mk (@25°C), F#=1.0 ● Auto focus and gray scale alarm● 15 mm, 25 mm, 50 mm, 75 mm, 100mm lens are selectable ● Supports RS-232 ● Compact size and low consumption

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Thermal Cameras