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M-TRAGOR Miniature Tracker 3G / Wi-Fi

M-TRAGOR is a miniature tracker 3G / Wi-Fi. Motion sensor very sensitive.Target location up to 40 meters. This tracker collects information about nearby Wi-Fi hotspots and forwards it to the server. Internal memory (up to 100,000 records). Send data to the server in real time.

W-Track GPS Tracker IP67

W-Track is a GPS Tracker resistant to shocks, dust and water. 3G / GSM modem. Alarm sensor GPS and GSM scrambling detection. Motion sensor and energy saver. Recording capacity up to 100,000 GPS data. Smart analysisComplies with IP67 régulations.


TRF433 RF location sensor

This 433 Mhz RF transmitter is used to locate a device. It is the idealcomplement on a GPS beaconAllows to precisely locate the person or product that can be located in a basement or on a floor etc.When the transmitter is moving, it beeps and informs you of your target's position. Programming...

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items
GPS Tracking