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3GMICROCAM Mini IP Camera OnVif 2.45Mp

ONVIF 2.45Mp IP Miniature CameraSONY 2,45Mp sensor. Day / night, electronic filter. Industrial applications.


Mini IP Onvif Camera 5.14MP QHD

Miniature camera tube-bullet IP ONVIF 5.14MP Full-HD 1944p. Day / night, electronic filter. Ideal for integrators, discrete monitoring.


DS-2CD2155FWD-I Fixed Dome 5Mp

Fixed IP surveillance dome cameraHikvision High Resolution 5Mp Waterproof IP67 case. Infrared Leds IR maximum range 20 meters. Various objectives available.


PTZ vehicle camera 4G autonomous camera...

WiFi HD-IP camera adapts to all environments. Small footprint. Will make different integrations in the most common objects. SONY Starvis sensor for clear images even in low light.


DS-2CD2752F-IS (2.8-12mm) Fixed Dome 5Mp...

Fixed IP surveillance dome camera Hikvision 5Mp antivandal. Varifocal lens 2.8-12mm. Infrared Leds IR maximum range 30 meters.

P1280-E - Concealed Thermal IP Camera for...

P1280-E Indoor / outdoor thermal camera. Thermal and discreet sensor.Variable angle mounting bracket.Storage connected to the network or locally.This camera offers you incredible flexibility.

ACE-HDI47 Mini camera PCBA Board OEM

2.43 Megapixel, 1 / 2.8″ SONY Exmor CMOS Board Lens: 3.7 mm (3 MP), 8 mm (1.3 MP)Pinhole Lnes: 4.3 mm P4 (1.3 MP)Digital Day & Night, True Day & Night (Optional)Size: 42 x 42 x 30 mmMin. Illumination of 0.1 Lux3D DNR / BLC / HLC / AGC / AWBDC 12V Power

Box Camera MB-108 HD-SDI AF 2MP x10

Panasonic 1/3 "2MP CMOS Sensor Camera HD-SDI, EX-SDI, TVI, CVBS. Optical zoom x10 (5.1 ~ 51mm), digital zoom x32, digital slow shutter, digital image stabilization. High light compensation. Defog function. Motion detection, protocol (VISCA, Pelco-D, Pelco-P).


HYPNOS 36X Darkfighter Day / Night ULL Camera

High Resolution Ultra Low Light CameraCompact and designed for use in extreme conditions. Zoom 36x Camera. 

TRITON Tactical Camera Zoom 30X - 4G...

Triton 4G technology's camera enables tactical entry teams to monitor situations and share wireless video information with up to 4 team members simultaneously, and to broadcast real time to a master control command center.

Caméra Zoom 32x réseau H.265 2M

Optical and digital zoom camera 32x Network H.265 2M. RJ-45 Ethernet. 1 / 2.8 "2.4M CMOS Imaging Device.

HYPNOS23X Outdoor Rugged bullet zoom block...

♦ Compact block Camera Ultra Low Light High resolution for exteme uses operations ♦ Rugged & waterproof IP68 ♦ Resolution HD 2.43 Megapixels 1080P♦ Optical Zoom 23X,♦ Ultra sensible 0.0005Lux@F1♦ AF Autofocus zoom

BHB_100 Mobile camera car

Rugged Ballistic Camera Housing for Vehicle or Fixed Surveillance.


Observer 4G- Rapidly deployable wireless...

Rapidly deployable PTZ tactical wireless camera for Law Enforcement.Can be deployed in a few minutes over a large area to surveillance, monitor demonstrations, concerts, rallies, rescue operations, hostage taking ...Day / night vision CMOS Full / Zoom 40x. Secure Wi-Fi / 4G module transmission....

AXIS France

Caméra Réseau AXIS Q9216-SLV Inox

Compact, rugged (IK10 +) and durable (anti-ligature) angle mount camera. Large field of vision and guarantee no blind spot. Invisible WDR and IR (940nm). Available in white and stainless steel, this low power consumption camera is ideal for high security facilities such as prisons and psychiatric...


WAT-933 - Monochrome IP Camera

Monochrome IP cameraHigh definition, high sensitivity, multifunction. Video shots in a very low light environment.


SX800 - Camera de surveillance longue...

Long-range surveillance40x optical zoomLicensed by TOKYO TOWERThe SX800 is equipped with a 40x optical zoom lens that covers a broad range of focal lengths from 20mm on the wide angle end to 800mm on the telephoto end. It is complemented with 1.25x digital zoom to achieve long-range surveillance...

MB-S238 W3 wonwoo motorized camera

Sony CMOS sensor 1/2 "2MP image sensor camera. Optical Zoom x3 (3.6mm ~ 10mm) 32x. Real WDR in real time. Digital slow shutter, digital image stabilization. Privacy mask functionMotion detection, protocol (VISCA, Pelco-D, Pelco-P).

MO-S309 / S308 2MP Camera x30 AF HD-SDI

Image sensor camera Sony 1/2 "CMOS sensor. HD-SDI, EX-SDI, TVI, CVBS video output. 30x optical zoom ratio, 32x digital zoom. Motion detection disabled / enabled. Privacy mask.

MB-S129 / S128 2MP x12 AF HD-SDI Camera Box

Sony CMOS Sensor 1/2 "2MP Image Sensor Camera 12x optical zoom. Digital image stabilization. Privacy mask function. High light compensation. Defog function. Motion detection, protocol (VISCA, Pelco-D, Pelco-P).

MB-308 2MP x30 AF HD-SDI Camera Box

Panasonic 1/3 "2MP CMOS Sensor Camera. Optical zoom x30 (4.3 ~ 129mm). Digital zoom 32x. Digital noise reduction (2D + 3D). High lightcompensation. Motion detection. Protocol (VISCA, Pelco-D, Pelco-P).

Caméra Mini Box MB-S19 / S18 HD-SDI 2MP

Sony CMOS sensor camera 1/2 "2MPHD-SDI, EX-SDI, TVI, CVBS. Digital zoom 32x, digital image stabilization. Privacy mask function. Motion detection.

HIA-30Q Mini camera wireless DVR : Mini...

HIA-30Q Micro camera DVR IP. Objective Board 3.6 or Pinhole 3.7 mm,1080P HD video resolution. Audio Output, motion detection. Fog Lens Day / Night.

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