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TPR 2000 REC- Encrypted Miniature Audio Recorder

Encrypted miniature audio recorder. Range 8 to 10 meters. 32 GB micro-SD card recording.


SPV004 Professional HF Microphone

Professional HF Microphone. Long distance transmission. Sound recording up to 10 meters. Built-in 2 GB flash card recording (up to 500 hours).


TAR-25 Recorder Module

Professional recording module. Miniature Audio. Autonomy of 80 hours. Data transfer via USB port. Internal memory 4 GB.


SPC3GSM hidden Body camera 4G for Police...

Invisible communication with helper, no distance limit !High-Speed 4G/LTE connectivityVoLTE support for high-quality voiceInteractive voice guide in your Earpieces for quick and easy interaction and controlHigh quality  Audio & higher volumeHD video recording5 Megapixels picture...

Endoacustica France

SPYCC01 Microphone Credit Card

Credit card microphone recorder. Recording time up to 24 hours. 4GB internal flash memory. Standby time: up to 2000 hours.



Miniature recording microphone.Integrated memory 4 GB.Provides high quality recording up to 12 metersRecording autonomy of 250 hours.


Stethoscope SS030 listening device

The SS030 -Tactical solutionAllows listening through solid structures.Dual accelerometer allows to capture and amplify micro vibrations, normally undetectable by the human ear.Operating time between 80 and 90 hours.

HS-1600FDC-77 Camera Bezel HD - Built-in...

High Performance Hidden Bezel Camera HDMultifunctional glasses very discreetBuilt-in microphone

PV-BC10 DVR- Ultra Thin Black 7.8mm Camera

Ultra thin audio recorder the size of a business card. Standalone audio and video recorder. Recording up to 140 minutes of video and 280 minutes of audio. Easy to hide in your wallet, notebook or newspaper.


TM-240500-LM TMS-241800 Audio Video Transmitter

OEM audio video transmitter. Miniature 1W long distance. Transmission up to 500 meters, 12 VDC power supply.


APX™ 3000 Single-Band-radio portable cachée

The APX ™ 3000 P25 ​​TDMA, designed for covert operations by removing traditional elements to create a slim and compact radio. Mission Critical Wireless accessories allow you to choose how to carry the radio. Applications such as GPS tracking and location can track their location in real time and...


SOROKA 16E - Professional Miniature Audio...

SOROKA-16E, audio recorder for professional use. Allows clear recording up to 9 meters. Sound detection, continuous and timer. Timestamped recordings. Auto gain manual and automatic control (AGC). Adjustable trigger sensitivity and resolution. Stores over 1300 hours of conversations.Very long...

SOROKA-15E Professional Audio Recorder

SOROKA-15E is a high quality audio recorder. Integrated clock and calendar.Rechargeable battery provides up to 83 hours of battery life. Recording is activated with a button, a voice activation system (VAS / VOX) or timers. Automatic and manual gain control (AGC) to perfectly record very loud...

Edic-mini xD A69 - Miniature Recorde

Edic-mini xD A69 is a miniature recorder with (VAS) voice activation system. Circular recording mode. Indication Leds.Information protection system. Remote microphone connection. Read data from the recorder via USB or via a special reader via USB. 300 hours memory capacity with microphone...

Edic-mini Tiny 16+ S78 - Unique voice...

High quality continuous audio recording up to a distance of 15 meters. Automatic gain control (AGC). Two solar batteries increasing the period of continuous operation. Built-in rechargeable battery provides up to 74 hours of operation4 GB of built-in memory, or up to 150 hours of recording. Voice...

Edic-mini Pro B42 Audio Recorder OLED Display

Edic-mini Pro B42- Audio recorder with OLED indicator providing high contrast ratio and wide viewing angle. 3 control buttons for changing the recorder settings. Built-in high speed USB 2.0 interface. The ability to read recordings using mono earphones.The software goes directly with the device....

Edic-mini Plus A32 - Voice Recording 8...

Edic-mini Plus A32 - High quality continuous audio recording without signal compression up to 9 meters.A maximum of 30 hours of continuous operation or 300 hours of recording in 8kHz mode, in law.2 GB of built-in memory. Recording is enabled with Switch. system (VAS). Linear and circular...

PV-RC200HD2 Portable Digital Recorder

The smallest 5 MP pinhole camera made especially for recording. Latest version 3 in 1. Video recording, camera, webcamHigh definition video format. Real-time recording of evidence. Vibration alert on video recording.

BU-18 Neo Mini Camera Button-Lens CMOS

Full HD video camera. Hidden camera with CMOS button 2.2 MP. New lockable socket for secure connexion. Invisible invisible microphone.

LawMate USB wall charger with hidden mobile...

PV-UC10i - Hidden camera, Full HD USB charger with audio. Record 32 hours of 1080p video on a 64 GB micro SD card, or up to 64 hours with 480 resolution. Date and time displayed on videos. PV Cam Viewer app free download for Android or IPhone / Ipad. Continuous recording or Motion detection modes.

Showing 1 - 21 of 21 items
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